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    The Method of Hob Computation

    2021-08-26 13:43:54 jiangxingTools 677

    The Method of Hob Computation

    Normal pitch=Mn x Π(Mn: Normal Module)

    Axial pitch=Mn/cos LA

    Lead=Axial pitch x Number of start

    LA(Lead Angle)=sin-1(Mn x Number of start/Hob PCD)

    Cam amount(relief amount)=Hob OD x Π x tan(cam angle)/Hob NT

    Cam angle: Generally PA20°-10°, 14.5°-12°,25°-9°

    Groove Lead=Hob PCD x Π/tan LA

    Flute depth= Total tooth height if a hob+ Cam amount+1.5mm

    Hob's Relief Angle=tan-1(tan PA x tan Cam angle)