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    HSS Gear Shaving Cutters

    2021-07-06 14:36:03 jiangxingTools 603

    HSS Gear Shaving Cutters

    Shaving cutter is the gear cutting tool that have many serrated grooves at the tooth flanks. The both gear and the cutter is mounted on the shaving machine with intersecting angle. Then it makes sliding action on these sliding action on the flanks by rotating shaving cutter to finish the flanks of the gear teeth. 

    gear shaving cutter.JPG

    Features of the gear shaving: 1), short finishing tact time, 2), easy to modify the gear profile and lead form such as crowning form.

    Types of gear shaving cutter: disk type conventional shaving cutter, plunge gear shaving cutter

    shaving cutter.jpg

    Range of shaving cutter: module m1-m8, DP, Material: HSS M2, M35 and ASP30, please contact us for more details on standard gear shaving cutter by our new website.