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    2021-07-01 17:24:23 jiangxingTools 866


    Jiangxing Tools is professional gear cutting tools manufacturer and we have been supplying precision gear cutting tools such as gear hob, gear shaper cutter, gear shaving cutter, involute spline hob, roller chain sprocket hob, timing pulley hob, parallel side spline hob, worm gear hob, carbide hob, gear milling cutter and broaches etc tools made from HSS M2, M2E, M2AL, M35, M42,ASP2030, ASP2052, ASP2060, ASP2078, S290, S390, S790, MC90 with rich experience.

    Broaches are mainly including spline broach, serration broache, round broach, rectangular broach, keyway broache,etc. 


    please contact us for more details on various broaches, gear milling cutters and gear hobs.