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    Large Module Hobs

    2021-06-26 13:34:06 jiangxingTools 535

    Large Module Hobs

    A large module hob with a module 12-22mm is a complicated, expensive tool. It must be reliable because cutting large diameter wheels if you have high  or worse, chipping the finanical damage is quite considerable.

    The traditional cycle mainly foresees: step 1-Turning phase, step 2-Threading, step 3-Milling operation step 4-Relieve roughing,step 5-Removal of incomplete teeth,step 6-Heat treatment,step 7-Bore and face grinding, step 8-Sharpening,step 9-Profile grinding

    There are different tool-production methods but all require long cycle times both in soft and finishing operations, and precision is often hard to achieve if compared to standards of automotive hobs. There are few companies in the world able to produce such tools at acceptable quality level.