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    Hob Resharpening

    2021-06-26 08:25:06 jiangxingTools 592

    Hob Resharpening

    Resharpening time shoud be decided not to be late for better efficiency, the guidelines for determining the time to resharpen are follows:

    1,wear amount, when the gear is cut by roughing or finishing process, the hob wear amount can be different. Generally, it is recommended to regrind per chart below.

    wear amount of teeth edge for module.png

    2,tool life, to preserve an optimum cutting condition and get long tool life, a tool should be resharpened after checking the wear amount. If you use a worn tool, the tools' cutting ability is reduced.

    during grinding,if you exceed the proper grinding amount an invisible grinding crack may occur so it makes the tooth separate and causes the hob to break. If you suspect that a grinding error has occurred, continue to inspect the teeth and if you notice any color variation, this could be an indication that a crack has formed and you stop using the hob.

    grinding hob teeth and gear profile.png

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