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    Standard Gear Shaping Cutters

    2022-08-17 11:33:54 jiangxingTools 284

    Standard Gear Shaping Cutters

    Chongqing Jiangxing Tools is manufacturing gear shaping cutters in module, DP and CP series, Spur as well as helical gear shaper cutters can be supllied in Disc, Hub, Deep Counterbore , Shank type varieties.

    Gear shaping cutters can be made in conventinal material HSS M2, M35, M42 and powder metallurgy grades of high speed steel ASP2030, ASP2052, S390, Accuracies are as per DIN 1829 standard Class A and Class AA.

    Profile Modifications for gear shaping cutters are including topping, semi-topping, protuberance, flat or fillet  can be supplied if necessary.