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    Measurements on Gear Hobs in according to DIN3968

    2022-08-12 16:13:07 jiangxingTools 228

    Measurements on Gear Hobs in according to DIN 3968

    Basic data on hobs: Drawing no., Normal module, Pressure angle, Outside dia. x Hob length, material

    1), Runout on hob diameters. frp

    2), Axial runout on the clamping surfaces, fps

    3), Radial runout of tips of teeth, frk

    4), Form and position deviation of the cutting faces, FfN

    5), Individual pitch error, difference between adjacent pitches and cumulative spacing error of gashes, ftN, fuN, FtN

    6), Gash lead error, fHN

    7), Tooth profile, FfS

    8), Tooth thickness error, fs

    9), Thread lead error from cutting edge to cutting edge, fHF

    10), Thread lead error between any cutting edges of a winding, FHF

    11), Base pitch error from cutting to cutting edge, fe

    12), Base pitch error between any cutting edges, Fe

    13), Thread pitch deviation, fpx