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    Gear Hobbing Machine

    2022-03-14 13:47:20 jiangxingTools 642

    Gear Hobbing Machine

    Gear hobbing machine is one of the most widely used machine tools in gear processing machine, which can be used to cut straight teeth or helical cylindrical gear, worm gear, sprocket and so on. The machining accuracy of ordinary hobbing machine is 7 ~ 6 (JB179-83), while the high precision hobbing machine is 4 ~ 3.  The maximum machining workpiece diameter is 15 meters.  

    Features of gear hobbing machines

    (1) not only for cylindrical helical gear and worm gears, but also can be used for spline shaft.  

    (2) Easy to adjust, with automatic parking mechanism  

    (3) with reliable safety device and automatic lubrication.

    (4) vertical gear hobbing machine, horizontal gear hobbing machine

    (5) verious gear hobs are used to hobbing gear workpieces.