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    Involute Spline Gear Hob with DIN 5482

    2021-11-09 13:23:47 jiangxingTools 1287

    Involute Spline Gear Hob with DIN 5482

    hobs for spline shafts with involute flanks previously DIN 5482

    30° pressure angle

    quality grade A to DIN 3968

    single start, right-handed 

    with keyway

    specifications of hobs DIN5482.png

    For cutting spline shafts as per ANSI, DIN Standards, Involute Spline hobs have a stud tooth depth for cutting all types of standard and non-standard involute splines where as straight spline hobs are used for cutting parallel splines and are manufactured in single or multi start design with pressure angles 20°, 30°, 37.5° and 45°.