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    Shank-type gear shaping cutter with DIN 5482

    2021-10-18 13:41:41 jiangxingTools 618

    Shank-type gear shaping cutter with DIN 5482

    Tooth profile to DIN5482 standard

    din5482 std shank-type shaper cutter.jpg

    Module: m1.6-m2.25

    Number of teeth: Z5-20

    Pressure angle: 30°

    Morse taper: Mk2, Mk3

    gear shaping tools.jpg

    Shank type gear shaper cutters are full form generated however small the pitch circle diameter (PCD), although the strength of the cutter produced is the limiting factor. The strength and rigidity of shank type cutters is greatly improved by the Jiangxing Tools ribbing method and is especially advised for those of small PCD.